The future of Cyber Attacks

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The future of Cyber Attacks

The intensity of cyberattacks in future would be upping just like the future of technology. It will breed and morph beyond our imagination.

Security investigators have been using virtual machines (VMs) to isolate and analyse malware. Many breeds of malware today can be detected if they are running within virtual machines still the threat as real as it can be.The most important thing to understand is that hackers evolve faster than technology that serves to halt them. There are geniuses in hackers just as in security techs.

The ingenious hackers can hack into every cell phone. Through facial recognition, geo-location, speech pattern identification feedback, future hackers could raise bar of ‘cyberattacks’ to a new level.” 

Hacking of computer is just like hacking of DNA. Just as the medical hackers are playing God by twisting DNA to take control over human evolution, cyber hackers too have a knack in seeping into every cell. Nevertheless, future isn’t bleak. No matter how preposterous it may sound, we can rely on evolving cybersecurity codes by ethical professionals!