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About us

We are an Australian based IT workforce and solutions provider, and technology inflames our commitment and passion.

Having the right team of adept and creative people with enterprise skills has made it possible for us to introduce unique solutions and the best of talent to some of the well-known corporate and government organizations in Australia since 2014.

As a team we are obsessed in finding you the right talent. We believe in listening to our clients, our investment of time with our clients in understanding the culture and the work environment has helped in breaking the obstacles and in thriving the results.

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How can MACS help?

Our team at MACS technologies not only believes in hiring people but also understands the challenges faced by the firm and strengthen the business by finding the right talent. We are armed with expertise in different technologies and trained to understand the core capabilities of a candidate like communication, leadership, analytical, and time management skills.

We analyze if the candidate is a team player, self-motivator and dependable resource, and many other traits as per the requirements of the client and the role. Test your luck at lightning link casino.

How is MACS different from other agencies? 

We at MACS technologies believe in investing time with our clients and be of value addition to their success stories. Our partnership with the clients is beyond recruitment where we work collaboratively towards one goal and scout the best talent which helps in building outstanding teams and in turn build the value for shareholders.

We help in scaling the companies by finding the best talent. We are also ardent about personalizing the services that best suit the client and optimize the investment in human capital.

  • Our professionals are endowed to anticipate, understand, and retort accordingly to the staffing needs.
  • We revamp the solutions of staffing to help the clients in controlling the cost, economic fluctuations, and advance in productivity.

What sets us apart is the on-going relationship that we maintain with our clients, candidates, and staff and help the business achieve their goal at economic costs and also benefit the candidates mutually.

By building relationships through partnerships we are able to support, source and hire both locally and offshore through our meritorious services. We also have our network offices and partner companies in New Zealand, USA, UK and India.

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Career Advice

We strive to provide you, as a job seeker, with the information & guidance so that you feel as confident and ready as possible while hunting for a new dream job or for lateral movement. 

Employer Insights

We strive to provide you, as a job seeker, with the information & guidance so that you feel as confident and ready as possible while hunting for a new dream job or for lateral movement. 

Industry Insights

We aim to help you answer HR industry-related questions and more, by sharing HR acumen from our team at MACS and from industry experts who have a successful career in your chosen profession.


Remuneration Guide

We offer a broad market overview of the fast-growing Australian industry and trending salaries at this point in time. 


Perceiving and tackling the dynamism of diversity is a basic component of our skill, empowering individuals and associations to satisfy their latent capacity.

Current Challenges

We advise employees with the right remote working tools and also try to help to gather real-time updates from time to time to untangle the intricacies and offer support.


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