How can you network better with candidates?

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Recruiting can be a fun job if you are among those who like meeting others. Not only fun but it is pre-requisite to thrive in the business if you are the one contemplating to be a recruiter. Nonetheless connecting with candidates can be challenging. If you fear rejection it can be over-whelming at times. However, there are ways to accomplish natural marketing. Here confidence is the key.

So how can you network better with candidates?

It often comes as no surprise if you complain of not getting enough time to call candidates, but to make your job worth it, a 15 minutes of connecting to recruits on the phones is essential. As email is not a great medium for making long term connection. Making a call limited to transaction can be little unproductive. Just because you are connecting with candidates for professional reasons doesn’t always mean you need to adhere to only about professional matters while talking to them. Build a meaning bond by focussing on personal matters too.


Recruiters review 100s of resumes a day. So they know which resumes are appealing and which are not. No matter the amount of resumes on your table,it’s always worthwhile to call a referral personally and screen them. Make connections with potential candidates who could inevitably become a great source one day by giving them honest feedback.