Common Mistakes Made By a Job Seeker

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Common Mistakes Made By a Job Seeker

Journey of a jobseeker can be long and tedious with hurdles and hiccups on every step taken. Some jump into for jobs assuming that applying for it with CV in hand is enough. if only things were so easy. There are common job seeker mistakes that needs to be corrected for you to step closer to find your dream job. 

Untailored Generic CV

Your CV is undoubtedly the most useful tool you have as a jobseeker. Using a generic CV for every job you apply can backfire relegating your spirits if that doesn’t attract the employer. There are thousands of CV templates but it is imperative you edit it depending on the job you apply. Focus on the job specificities and tailor your CV accordingly taking help from already existing templates.

Understand your abilities and skills

You may see the job title and think, this is it. However, job titles have many different meanings depending on the sector and experience required. Ask yourself what are your top 4 skills and how do these skills relate to the job you are viewing. Understanding your abilities and skill set can help you search for the right job.


It’s imperative to follow recruiter after applying for job. In terms of networking, email or message on company’s website sounds simple but are effective means to be on the mind of a recruiter. It helps to keep lines of communication open in case the recruiter comes with a suitable job for you. Keep the recruiter in loop by express your enthusiasm when you interact with a recruiter on the phone.