How to introduce yourself at interviews?

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How to introduce yourself at interviews?

One dreaded question that send chills down on any interviewee. The question that makes your heart beat faster and makes your mind time travel to past to see professional and personal things that can be told in a pleasing way. It’s not such a tough question if you are well prepared and have reasonable experience. But sometimes explaining yourself in a professional way can be tricky. Here are few tips for you to unwire before you dive in.

When the question is uttered,

  • start with your recent education and brief your roles, like your responsibilities were and how you performed.
  • To stress enough on ‘practice your answer’ can’t be ruled out
  • Have your answers prepared.
  • If it’s a telephonic interview have few prompts ready

It’s important to know why the question is asked and why the interview begins with it in interviews. Keep in mind the employer is qualifying your profile evaluating it for the role you are applying for and look if it synergises with it to analyse whether you fit in the role.

Telling about yourself in a social scenario is different from a job interview. So when an employer asks “ Tell me about yourself” question he/she really means to tell how you can add value to their company!